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My Top Indie Reads of 2018

As always, I had an awful time making this list. I am, admittedly, one of the pickiest readers I know, but I'm also really aware of the fact that a lot of things I like are based on weird preferences and quirks that are just things like, "I LIKE TALKING SQUIRRELS SO SUE ME!" or "That book dared to do a thing I don't see done often. It's my friend now. This book and I are friends ..."
But I also-also know basically what writing is "supposed" to be like. I'm very aware when a book breaks rules or takes short cuts and my editor brain is always going, "Well, should they have done that... wouldn't it have been better at if ... a lot of readers won't like ..."

So yeah I over think these things to death, which is a reason that even though these are clearly my favorites, I haven't actually left reviews for a lot of them yet (something I hopefully will remedy here, at least in short).

So here we go ... and yeah, I'm still…

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