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Guest Blog: One Flew Through the Dragon Heart (Favan & Flew, Book #1)

Guest Blog: One Flew Through the Dragon Heart (Favan & Flew, Book #1)

A Recipe for Writing
Some people are hard to please.
I’m thinking of this today, specifically, because I’ve just dropped my kids off at school and I am definitely not missing them today after all the kerfuffle that went down this morning.
Darling Daughter wants mac and cheese for lunch. Refuses to eat meat (what child is this??) and hates all vegetables except for French fries, but only wants McDonald’s French fries. Darling Son wants two chocolate milk boxes. Two!? Why? Only yesterday, he brought home the wrap I’d lovingly made, even letting the banana peppers he likes fall into a smiley face pattern before I rolled it up and cut it in half.
I think of all the times that I, as a kid, during my family’s Sunday dinners, sent back my food at Olive Garden because “there’s too much sauce” (although, in all fairness, they seem excessively generous) and I want to weep, gnashing my teeth as I call out for forgiveness f…

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