I thought tonight I might start by sharing a recipe that I tried for the first time tonight with good results. I got it off the back of a teriyaki sauce label. It’s La Choy Teriyaki Marinade (on a side note, it really frustrates me that the commissary charges more per ounce for the bigger bottle of teriyaki sauce than it does for the smaller one. . . Especially since I’ve had it pounded into my head that bulk is better when buying an item you use frequently. Doesn’t it save them on packaging if I buy one 20oz bottle instead of two 10oz bottles?). Normally I wouldn’t bother mentioning the brand, but this teriyaki sauce has a thicker consistency than ones I’ve used in the past, so it probably matters which type you use. Anyway, recipe:

½ Cup Teriyaki Sauce
1/3 cup orange marmalade
1 tsp crushed red pepper
¼ tsp ground ginger
1 tbsp vegetable oil (I used olive. I’m too lazy to stock multiple oil types)
1 pound boneless skinless chicken, sliced into 2x½ inch slices (I just used four medium chicken breasts)
1 (8oz) can bamboo shoots, drained
1 medium red bell pepper, seeded, cut into thin strips
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp water
½ cup cashews (optional) I actually completely forgot about the cashews even though I bought them specifically for this recipe. Anyone want some homeless cashews?

1. Stir together teriyaki sauce, marmalade, crushed red pepper, and ginger in a small bowl until well blended, then set aside.
2. Heat oil in a large skillet or wok over high heat. Cook and stir chicken about four minutes or until no longer pink. Stir in bamboo shoots and peppers.
3 Add prepared sauce to skillet. Stir together corn starch and water until smooth; add to skillet. Cook until heated through an sauce thickens. Top with cashews if desired (or if you remember that you bought them).

I served it over rice. Matt really liked it, though he’s not really a big bell pepper fan. He suggested using broccoli instead next time, but I’m not a big broccoli fan. Basically any vegetable you’d include in a sweet stir fry would work. The crushed red pepper element, also, would’ve probably freaked me out when I was a younger, pickier eater. Coryn, thankfully, has a very open minded pallet for a two-year-old. She eats all kinds of things I wouldn’t touch when I was a kid.

Coryn gets so sweaty playing in this weather. Even when playing inside she ends up with her hair plastered to her scalp. I’ve thankfully been able to keep her hydrated so far, but it’s difficult when she’s on the go. Coryn conquers play parks like a Sherpa conquers Everest. She’s up ladders and down slides and clinging everywhere in between. She likes nothing more than to get another kid to chase her in circles, and she played follow the leader with a girl who was at least two years older than her for a good half hour today at the park by the pool then came home and found that her friend Jack was at the park by our apartment, so we invited him and his mom up to our place for popsicles and running around chasing balloons . . . And this after a morning dancing to Weird Al songs.

Well, signing off for now. Coryn needs to get out of the bath and I need to get into it.