Tail of an Extraordinary Cat

I love children's books: good, pure children's books where the whimsy is a point to itself. Having a daughter like Coryn, who loves stories already, gives me an excuse to read even more of them, but even before her, I was sure to surround myself with fairy tales and story books. One that made a huge impression on me, maybe because of its simplicity, is "Jenny and the Cat Club" by Esther Averill, a sweet story about a shy, black cat in a red scarf who longs to join a society of extraordinary cats, each with their own special talents.

I've always wanted a place like that, for me and my little girl, a place surrounded by good things and good company, a place with extraordinary cats. I'm already convinced Coryn herself is an extraordinary cat . . . and while I know every mother sees their child as above the norm, the life that radiates out of Coryn's eyes and actions is the brightest light I could possibly imagine. Heaven must be brighter, but my imagination can't handle that level of illumination, and it shorts out when trying to fathom anything more radiant than Coryn.

Since this is an introduction of sorts (though most people who read this won't find any surprises; I'm a transparent personality, I like to think.), I should mention my husband, Matt, my lifetime crush. I have been in love with him since I was old enough to handle the emotion, over ten years now. While we were friends all through high school, Matt managed to evade me until adulthood, when I finally wore him down and reeled him in. Matt is my complete opposite, a pessimist with a biting sense of humor who keeps to himself and communicates mainly by grunting . . .but he's also smart and funny and caring . . . and hot. Smoking hot. I'm sure I'll find lots of reasons to write about him.

Well, that's all that I want to say for now.