Normal days

Here I am at the end of the day, a cup of licorice tea, a Castle episode on the TV, uploading photos of my itty baby boo to face book to be admired by friends and family around the world. It’s a good time for reflection. Especially since Castle will be over in a few minutes and then I will be sans amusement. Matt is working nights this week, so he could be home as early as the next five minutes or at late as midnight. I’m not crazy about my husband’s schedule, but I do like having some nights to do things like this.

Today was a productive day in that I got done everything I intended to do: took Coryn to playgroup, collected the mail (including a “Grandma Box” my mom sent with some treats for Coryn and Matt’s birthday present), picked up a few items at the grocery store, and cleaned the bathroom. Not a hugely impressive list. Would’ve been better had I thrown in some writing or had more success with Coryn’s potty training.

Coryn’s potty training has been going much better, but today we had a lot of accidents, and it felt like a step backwards. She has taken it into her head that she has to use the big person toilet rather than her own potty chair. We purchased a stool so that she could wash her hands at the sink, and she uses that to get onto the toilet and balance herself. I think she got the idea because her friend Jack was over yesterday and she burst in on his potty training session. I’m just glad she didn’t decide she should go standing up because I was sure she’d want to try that too. We did manage to make a trip to the store with her in training underwear rather than diapers. That’s a nice first. I explained to her that there are potties pretty much everywhere if she needs to go and showed her the one in downstairs next to the community room. She thought this was hilarious.

“Haha! Potty!” she said, pointing to the toilet.

We only needed a handful of items at the store. Matt won’t be home for dinner at all this week, so we just got milk and bread and a few other lunch items. When we got back to our building there were two shopping carts full of food items with a sign that said the owners were PCS’ing (moving) and couldn’t take them so people should help themselves. I picked up a ton of spices, baking staples, and other unopened non-perishables. The moving person apparently had high baking ambitions. I got three bags of chocolate chips, a bag of powdered sugar, a box of salt, a ton of spices and seasonings (Including chicken bullion cubes, which I covet), and lots of canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. We still have two years here, and I hope we don’t have two entire cartloads of baking supplies left over when we finally leave. I can’t stand throwing things away. That said, I do have two containers of cornstarch which I will never use up. . . Anyone want some cornstarch?