Of Odor and Order

Oh my, Billy Joel’s voice makes me melt just a little bit. I am such a sucker for music that was written before I was born. Music written after I was born, I only know if Weird Al took the time to parody it. Well, that’s not totally true, but it is close enough to being true that I’m not going to bother and list the handful of exceptions.

Today was a productive day. I feel like doing a photo shoot of my house because it NEVER looks this good. Thanks to some fabric spray it also smells pretty good. This fabric deodorizer spray is one the few products I’ve ever bought because of a commercial. Ironically, the commercial was for Febreze and I bought Glade, but that was Febreze’s fault for being more expensive than Glade even though they have more pervasive advertising.

The reason for this fabric spray stuff, which I don’t think my mother ever used, probably because she keeps her house so clean that the bad smells never have a chance to set into fabrics, is our beautiful couch, one of my favorite pieces of furniture. Our couch has been in use for about a year and half now and is starting to look worn. I took some Woolite to several spots on it last night, and the scrubbing brought forth a musty odor that had prior to this gone unnoticed. Matt, who has a super smeller Burton “Gus” Guster would envy, immediately took note and started to moan about how Coryn and I weren’t old enough to be trusted with furniture as nice as our couch.

One of the most common advertisements on Hulu is the one for Febreze where the lady takes her recliner through a carwash to get the smells out, so I thought, hmmm, I guess maybe that stuff has a use after all. Today I went to the store and got that (as mentioned, the cheaper brand over the advertised one) and a bottle of soy sauce. Coryn and I then went on a cleaning spree. She followed me around as I sprayed the couch, sniffing it appreciatively. Coryn likes spraying things. I have to watch her if I‘m using any cleaning product. She will put Pledge on ANYTHING. The plus side of this is she really likes helping me. I give her a rag and she’ll go to town rubbing down any surface. Today we ‘pledged’ every piece of wood (or faux-wood) furniture in the house. She wanted to keep going. I have a faint hope that this enthusiasm continues until she is competent enough to actually help me out, but I know that by the time she learns how to clean effectively, the novelty of helping Mommy will have probably worn off. For now I’ll just smile as she commandeers my mop and pushes it around the kitchen floor yelling out, “Sippery! Sippery!”

Coryn has made some impressive strides in potty training, including short trips out of the house wearing underwear. She has yet to actually use a toilet outside of our house, but she has been able to stay dry until we return from the store or post office. I rewarded her with chocolate ice cream at the Cross Roads café today. She wanted cupcakes. The ice cream was a compromise because I didn‘t feel like baking. Matt would say I am spoiling her again, so don’t tell him. Honestly, she does get a heck of a lot more treats than I did when I was a kid. Mainly because I think we have more expendable income than my parents ever did when we were little. Because of this, as soon as I started making money (and I was quite the baby sitting entrepreneur. . . Well, I had one well paying consistent customer, anyway), I couldn’t go to town without wanting to buy some sort of treat. Even now, every time I leave the house my ‘treat’ sensor goes on and I start thinking about where I can stop for coffee or ice cream or something. . . And of course, if I have something, Coryn needs something too. . .at least according to me. According to Matt (again who thinks I spoil her) children should be seen and not treated. Or something like that.

She is a good eater, though. As a notoriously picky eater who is just now starting to enjoy foods with more than two ingredients and who still has a long list of taboo foods, I expected many battles over vegetables. However, Coryn will eat just about anything. I’m just glad she is getting these good habits ingrained before she is old enough to say, “Hey, Mommy, you aren’t eating your broccoli. Why do I have to?” Last night, for instance, I made a chicken stir-fry with red bell peppers, broccolini, green onions, and carrots . . . I don’t like carrots any way but raw, and even if it is smaller, prettier broccoli, broccolini is still broccoli, but I put them in for added color and because Matt likes that sort of thing. Coryn gobbled up her carrots while I was still picking around my helping looking for the chicken and asked for more carrots. She had the leftovers for lunch today then stole a leaf off the head of red cabbage I was cutting up for my salad and sat there happily munching it. I guess she got that from Matt.

Well, that’s it for me for now. Now I’m just holding my breath that Matt gets home before the Law of Entropy kicks in and the house disintegrates into its usual disorder. I’d like at least one other adult witness to its current state.