Potty Training Peril

I bought Coryn some training pants. She seems more accepting of them than she is of "big girl" underwear. I guess it's the extra padding, and since then potty training has improved considerably. Coryn does not like the feel of wet training pants. She is still, however, completely terrified of her potty seat. I have no idea why. It doesn't flush or make any scary noises. It's comfortable and just her size. But still, she acts like using it is the end of the world.

Yesterday, we were continuing on our potty training quest, me escorting her to sit on the potty and asking her constantly if she had to go. She would sit there and stubbornly do nothing. Occasionally she would try to milk to situation by having me play hand clapping games (she is very into games/songs that involve finger motions and hand clapping, right now), but she never actually "went." Her training pants even stayed dry.

Confused and wondering if I needed to up her fluid in take, I was about to give up and put on her diaper for nap time, when I noticed she was crouched down in the middle of the living room with her legs and knees clenched desperately together.

I rushed her to the bathroom and took off her training pants. They had a small wet spot, so I thought, "Dang, too late." Exasperated, I told her to sit on her potty pot while I went and got her another set of training pants. She started to sob.

"No! No! Diapers!" she begged.

"No, you stay on your potty pot until I get your new pants, and don't get up or you will get in trouble," I ordered. She kept whining but obeyed, so I left her there long enough to put her old pair in the laundry and grab a new pair out of the bedroom. When I came back she was weeping while potty tinkled uncontrollably into the potty pot.

"No, no, no," she said. She couldn't hold it in any longer. She had to go in the potty pot. The agony of it was too much to bear.

"Wow! Awesome! Such a big girl!" I gushed. "Look what you did! What a good job!" She sobbed some more. I ended up having to hug her and give her her "treat" reward (some candy hearts) before she'd stop crying.

That was our only success for the day. After that I put her down for her nap, and when I got her back up, she chose to pee on her bed when Daddy put in her a time out for throwing a book at Mommy (I told Matt that maybe until we are finished with this stage of training, unsupervised time outs aren't the best discipline solution). This morning she went on her pot again, but only after I caught her "in the act" and forced her to sit down to finish.

I'm not sure why she finds going on the potty scary, but after she does it, she literally quivers in fear . . . she likes washing her hands A LOT though. I have to be very patient with her five minutes scrubbing, four minutes rinsing, three minutes drying process. Well, little steps forward, I guess.