Various Poems that Flitted out of my Pen

The Centipede

In this park there is a centipede
A villainous, poisonous centipede
A loathsome, wretched centipede;
I saw him just today.

And when I saw this centipede
It started a one woman stampede.
I could not sit and quietly read
Til it had gone away.

Oh it would be a valorous deed
To step upon that centipede
But I balked and went weak kneed,
And so its here to stay.

I appeal to your pity or maybe your greed
If you should spy this centipede
Please its creepy breath impede;
Perhaps I'll even pay.

Cleaned the bathroom in my underwear.
That's not as sexy as it sounds
And looking back it doesn't even sound sexy.
Spent hours in the park
Rescuing my toddler from other toddlers
And frequently visa versa.
There are few things as stressful as a toddler war.
Remembered a day when I had time.
Remembered a day when all was in order.
Remembered a day that didn't involve diapers.
This year was not that day.
Nor the year before it.
Yet it has been an extremely good year
for baby kisses.

Consider the ant, O sluggard,
But if you don't my two-year-old will
She'll hover above fascinated
Amazed at how creepy they feel.

“Bye-bye, chickens!” my two-year-old waves to the sparrows.
Her world is too busy for multiple categories
To her all birds are chickens
All women are mommies
And all people are friends.

Gonna party all Summer
In the sun and in the shade
Gonna eat some ice cream
And drink lots of lemonade
Put a blanket on the grass
And sleep outside all night
Gonna go fishing
And hope the fishies bite.
Gonna have a picnic
With cookies, cake, and pie,
Gonna blow some bubbles
Watch them float up to the sky.
Maybe we'll vacation
Go down to the sea
Run barefoot on the sunny sand
We'll be happy as can be.
Gonna play this summer
We're gonna have a ball
Oh yes, we'll love this summer
The best season of them all.


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