Art from the Heart

Sometimes Coryn absolutely perplexes me, not so much because she is ill-behaved or unpredictable, that I expected when I became a mom. Not because she can be messy. Not because she thinks it is funny to try and scratch my eyes out when she is pretending to be a kitten, but because she can be such an orderly little OCD thing. Tonight at the end of her bath she stacked all her toys in a pile along the edge of the tub. It seriously looked as if an adult had done it. She did not get that from me. My idea of orderly is sweeping everything neatly under a large rug.

Tonight Coryn and I focused on an art project and ate chips and homemade ceviche salsa. I make this salsa at least a couple times a month for both Coryn and myself, though Matt has never been a huge fan of it. I love the recipe because it uses up extra cilantro. Every time a recipe calls for Cilantro, I buy a bundle of it and use maybe three or four sprigs, so unless I can find multiple recipes the leaves start to turn black and gooey in my produce crisper. They really need to sell that stuff in smaller quantities. Any way, cilantro, tomatoes, and garlic salt are three ingredients you must have to make the salsa. The other items can be replaced or completely ignored with still decent results.

The other ingredients (and their possible replacements) are:
Ideally green onions (but any type of onion finely diced will do)
Fresh squeezed lime juice (lemon works just as well, and to heck with fresh squeezed if need be)
Crab meat (or precooked shrimp, or artificial crab meat, or if you feel like going vegetarian, leave it out entirely).

Basically you just dice up tomatoes and your choice of onion, rip and/or chop up some cilantro, add enough of the juice so that the other ingredients are covered, throw in a generous portion of the meat, and sprinkle it all with garlic salt. It’s better if it sits at least over night before you eat it. Coryn loves anything you can dip chips into and since this is mostly veggies I feel less guilty than I do with onion dip or something of that nature.

I’ve decided to start sampling more Japanese candy. It is one of the things I am going to miss about this place. That and how wonderful their stickers are. Japanese sticker companies make really cool stickers. Their candies are weird, but they feel exotic, and since I can’t read Japanese, it’s always an adventure when I try out a new flavor.

The art project I mentioned earlier involved the aforementioned stickers, these zoo animal themed. Coryn stuck them onto paper and then scribbled around them with markers, colored pencils, and one green crayon (the lone survivor of the pack she got for Christmas and promptly devoured). She even drew a heart with my hand guiding hers. It was the most heartwarming heart ever drawn. She beamed when it was done.

“Mommy, heart,” she said. Such a sweetie.