A Day with Coryn

I don't really consider myself a shopaholic. I generally get burned out after a half hour or so . . .unless it is a pet or book store. I can window shop a pet store for hours and if you let me in a book store, my expendable income will be expended. Targeted shopping is more my thing. I am a shopping hawk, hovering over the store looking for a particularly juicy price then diving down and snatching it with my talons in a precision extraction that rarely takes more than a half hour. Online shopping is a little more my thing, mainly because I really like getting mail. So does Coryn. She assumes every package is a "grandma box," a term she developed for the goodie filled packages my mom sends over from the states every so often.

Today we received one package which turned out to be a magnetic "paper" doll set. They're actually made of wood, but are meant to be played with like paper dolls. This one is princess themed and came with multiple gown and crown options. I had intended it for a Christmas present (yeah, I'm basically done with my Christmas shopping for my immediately family. . .I told you that I like online shopping!), so I told Coryn she couldn't see what was inside the box and continued on my way. On a whim I decided it would be easier to book my next hair appointment in person since we were in the area, and I swung into the salon.

The receptionist said that one of the stylists was taking walk ins and would be available in a few minutes . . . I looked at Coryn. I looked at the stylist. It was the one who actually speaks English as her first language . . . I thought of the magnetic dolls. I thought of how they were supposed to be a Christmas present. I thought of how hard it is to get the hair cut you want with a language barrier the size of the Great Wall of China (or Japan, in this case). I decided to take the risk, said a quick prayer, gave Coryn an early Christmas present, and got into the barber's chair.

Coryn was such a sweetie. Every so often she'd bring me her doll to show its latest outfit and twice she interrupted my haircut because she had to go potty, but she was a precious angel right up until the last fifteen minutes or so and even then she was restless, not naughty. When I got done she touched my hair and said, "Mommy, haircut beautiful." I was so proud of her. Afterward we went out to lunch and she ate most of a Subway kid's meal then we came home and played with her new toy a little more.

A little bit later she ran up to me and said, "Mommy! Need dancing shirt!" I didn't know what she meant and asked her to show me. She went to her room and returned wearing a pink ballerina tutu; I guess she had meant skirt. Either she finds the "sk" sound hard to say or she just assumes that because they are similar sounding, skirt and shirt have the same name. I turned on some Enya and we twirled around until I got dizzy. I collapsed onto the couch. She spent a few minutes trying to revive me then climbed up next to me, smiled her biggest smile, and said, "I love dancing."

I love spending time with Coryn.