Making a blankie

Coryn has been stealing hand towels out of the closet to wrap around her baby dolls and stuffed animals, so today, before her nap, I told her she could pick out the color of yarn for a baby blanket. She chose burgundy red; I thought it was a very mature choice, especially considering there were brighter (pinker) colors available. I had intended to finish it over the space of her nap, but after three Voyager episodes sitting their reading, I felt my wrists needed a break. Still, I've made good progress.

I like Voyager episodes. I also like figuring out if I've seen the guest stars in any thing else. Today there was one who I have seen in Warehouse 13, White Collar, Burn Notice, CSI, CSI:NY. . .well, among other things. Playing "connect the guest stars" is a favorite game of mine. I watch the names in the beginning credits for anything familiar and try to track down familiar faces online. Most of my favorite shows intersect weekly. If you were on Psych, chances are, within a year, you will also be on Burn Notice or House, maybe both.

Voyager is a little harder since all the episodes are over a decade old. Still, Neelix has popped up in Criminal Minds and Bones, the Doctor was in CSI:NY, and Tom Paris is a producer on Chuck. I miss Tom Paris.

Well, back to the blankie.