The World oF Momcraft

Greetings, wanderer of the digital twisting nether! I am Beatriz Brightbolt, a fireball wielding mage fighting evil forces in the name of the Alliance and Gnomergan (which we will get back eventually, blasted Trogs). I am practiced in alchemy and herbalism, an avid collector of small, non-combatant companion creatures and I have a massive stable (in a portal in my pocket) filled with hard earned mounts. I am beloved by dozens of factions throughout Azeroth and the Outlands and have been granted the title of "Insane" for my efforts on behalf of obscure causes most choose to ignore. I control (through proxy and a bank alt with her own guild) the low level herb and ore markets in my community and have amassed a large fortune which I use to finance my obsessive pet and mount hunting projects.
I roam the forests and deserts, searching for useful plants. Occasionally I find the time to raid, I'm always up for questing, and when I get into trouble it's frost nova and blink time.

Oh, yeah, and I'm also a mom and wife.

My life as a mother just doesn't sound as exciting, and since I'm a gnome, the cuteness factor is a close call. I probably spend too much time concentrating on gathering gold and questing and not enough on house cleaning and cooking, but when given the choice between being a powerful controller of arcane forces and an efficient wielder of Lysol . . .well, you can imagine which wins out.
Motherhood, however, does have awesome advantages. My daughter, Coryn, enjoys a healthy dose of fantasy, likes to watch my mage ride various mounts and fight dragons, but even more she likes my undivided attention, so my wow time is usually restricted to when she is napping or watching Sesame Street. That isn't to say that I don't sometimes sneak back to the computer when she is coloring or building something out of legos. I do that. I also usually manage to get a healthy dinner on the table on time for my likewise MMORPG addicted husband and keep the house in something akin to order. Coryn is the light of my life, though, and we spend a lot of time together, reading books, putting together art projects, and studying the alphabet.

Coryn is already fascinated by WoW, the bright colors and interesting creatures, but I plan to keep her our of WoW for as long as possible, not because I think the game is harmful, but because there are a lot of really really weird people playing it, and even with language filters, any person with an average notion of swear words can mentally fill in the blanks. Plus, if she inherits her mother's easily addicted personality, she will probably be as hooked as myself in no time. I'd like her to explore our world for a bit longer before she is sucked into the other world. . .of warcraft.