Cleaning with Coryn

Today Coryn helped me clean the bathrooms.

Of course, Coryn's idea of helping is spraying windex on every reachable surface but it was a start. I set down three ground rules: One, she could spray windex wherever she wanted but she needed to wipe it off afterwards; two, the toilet was my job and she was not allowed to touch it; and three, don't put anything involved in this project in your mouth. She followed rule one for the most part. Two and three were violated several times each. Oh, and I forgot to mention she was doing all this in a blue Cinderlla dress.

When I caught her violating rule number two I whipped out my angry voice and told her, 'No, that's mommy's job. Don't touch." She later returned the favor telling me that the door was her job and I shouldn't touch. She would correct me if I came any where near "her areas."

Coryn loves turning my commands against me. She has told me to be patient when I've told her to hurry up. She loves pretending to be the mommy and sends me to my room or punishes her toys in the name of parenting. I guess at least she's paying attention.

I cleaned my husband's bathroom today too. Our apartment has two bathrooms, one with a bath and one with just a shower. Since I'm mostly a bath taker the one attached to the master bedroom was appropriated for and by my husband. I keep a spare razor in the shower in case I want to use it but that's it. All my various paraphernalia is in the bathroom Coryn and I share. A few months ago (I swear) Matt told me not to bother cleaning his bathroom. He'd take care of it. . . but yesterday I went in there and YUCK!

Matt is normally the cleaner half of the Heidi-Matt couple. He has higher standards for cleaning and just cares more. I can put up with a lot of mess before I feel the urge to clean .. . which is what made the mess in the bathroom both disturbing and surprising. The main problem was the hair, tiny, spiky pieces of hair from Matt shaving his head once a week. It was pretty much everywhere. I think I went through six wash cloths on his bathroom alone. We are going to have a talk about this, but he will probably just deny ever saying he would take care of the room and give me a hard time about not doing "my job." Sigh. Oh well. He's still pretty loveable in his own, infuriating way.