Too Much Television

I will readily confess to watching too much television. I love stories, even bad or predictable ones, and if I start watching a story I can't leave it until I find out how it ends. This managed to get me sucked into CSI back when we actually had a satellite dish in the first few months of our marriage (it was supposed to be part of our internet package, but then the internet part of the package didn't work for our area because of some objects blocking the signal on the skyline or whatever. . .I think they should've let us out of the contract at this point because the skyline wasn't our fault, but we had to wait until Matt's next deployment gave us the "easy out." You can get out of so many contracts as a military family, which is a weird but surprisingly nice advantage). I already had a thing for Star Trek and after the Voyager reruns I would watch during the afternoon there were CSI re-runs. It didn't take me long to start caring and when we got Netflix and had online access to episodes. . .then Hulu . . . there is always something to watch.

I don't prefer (most) reality television, though if it involves cooking there is a chance I might've tried it out at some point, and I got into "Pawn Stars" which is like "Antiques Roadshow" but quicker moving. Oh and "Master Chef" and "Kitchen Nightmares". . .

And CSI led me to CSI:NY (CSI:Miami is too much even for me) which led me to "Bones" which led me to "Numb3rs." "Monk" got me sucked into "Psych" (which is now my all time favorite), "White Collar," and "Burn Notice." Then of course, "Castle" and "House" and "Criminal Minds." It is just ridiculous how many shows I'm following.

I have a very good memory, which allows me to point out when shows steal from each other or when a guest star has been in multiple shows I like (Navi Rawat has been on Numb3rs, Burn Notice, and Castle, just off the top of my head.). I also called foul when "Criminal Minds" used the serial killer/taxi driver who incapacitates his victims with gas that fills up the back of his cab device that CSI:NY had used in season four.

I actually usually go out of my way not to get pulled into new shows, dodging recommendations from friends, ignoring catchy trailers, all because I know once I start, I probably won't be able to stop, but today I tried out two new shows, just for the heck of it.

The first was "Breaking In," a "Leverage" rip off for those who don't have a full 45 minutes to devote to a show and would rather watch a 21 minute version. The main difference appears to be that in "Leverage" the thieves/con-men/hackers break the law for a good cause but will be arrested if they are caught whereas in "Breaking In" the thieves/con-men/hackers break the law under the guise of testing security systems, so the assumption is unless there is some massive misunderstanding, they'll never be arrested. I kind of liked it, but that's mainly because I kind of like Christian Slater. He's got a kind of just shy of crazy charm that reminds me of Michael Keaton before he started losing his hair and doing Disney voice work. It does really draw heavily on Leverage, however, even to the point of having an African American hacker/nerd (apparently white and nerdy is the new stereotype to bust; someone better inform Weird Al). It's not a great show though, so I doubt it will pull me in.

The second was "Body of Proof," the concept of this one is a female Dr. House who deals with dead people to solve murder rather than medical mysteries. It also draws from "Bones" in that the lead is highly skilled medical examiner but lacks personal skills to deal with living people and relies heavily on a charming, handsome male partner (though in this one he is an assistant rather than a partner, but you get my point) to take care of politics and the living. I was probably not going to continue with this series, but part way through Jeri Ryan popped into the story in what appears to be a reoccurring role, and I will most likely continue watching just for that. After all, with Jeri Ryan resistance is futile (throws in a Star Trek:Voyager joke just for nerd cred).

Anyway, that's my TV confession.