What we are up to:

Current library check outs:

Where the Wild Thins Are by Maurice Sendak
This one was my pick. Coryn will read it with me, but it isn't truly one of her favorites.
You Are What You Eat by Serge Bloch
Coryn picked this book out in a frenzy of last minute book grabbing but has asked to read it several times since then so it is apparently a hit. It is the story of how a picky eater learns to make bolder food choices told with food sayings like "drive me bananas" and "your goose is cooked." She likes the funny pictures.
I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Mary Ann Hoberman and Nadine Bernard Westcott
Another Coryn pick and I have no idea why they need two authors for a story where the text is almost word for word a classic nursery rhyme (apparently the original ending was too scary because it has been changed from 'she died of course' to 'she's full of course.'), but the rhyme itself is as funny as ever and the pictures are cute.
Helping Hands this (apparently authorless) Coryn pick is a board book that just contains pictures of animals dressed to represent different occupations followed by labels (Bus driver, teacher, police officer, librarian, etc). Coryn likes it but I'm not going to be sad when we take it back.
Where's That Cat? by Carol Greene. Coryn adores this book and we've checked it out several times. It is the story of an old lady who finds a stray cat and attempts to give it away to a good home. .. only to have the cat turn up missing whenever someone comes to take it away. The cat is always hidden somewhere in the picture and Coryn will gleefully point it out to me when the line "Where's that cat?" is inevitably read.

For myself I got The Blue Fairy Book because I adore fairy tales and am forever in search of new ones and Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts which I am just looking through for ideas. All her projects tend to be a little material heavy, though, and it rough sometimes to get a hold of what I need here in Japan. . .plus I don't exactly have my own craft room. .. sigh, some day maybe.