Where Is That Cat?

One of Coryn's all time favorite library reads, and a personal favorite of mine is "Where Is That Cat?" by Carol Greene. I found it while combing through the shelves one day, immediately snared by the word "cat" in the title. I'm a consistent lover of all things cat and am raising my daughter accordingly. Also, adding to the appeal, the brown tabby on the cover looks a good deal like Coryn's beloved Kazi-Kitty.

However, this book proved to have more in store for us than its obvious cat appeal.

The story is a charming mix of repetition and seek and find as an old lady attempts to give away an accidentally acquired stray cat . . . but some how every time someone responds to her ad (Wanted: a good home for a fluffy cat named Fitz), said cat is no where to be found (Prompting the oft repeated question "Where is that cat?").

Fitz is always somewhere in the picture and Coryn loves to point him out, even though she long ago memorized his every hiding spot. Of course, Fitz eventually ends up in the home he really wants. Coryn never tires of reading this book and I never tire of reading it to her.