Coryn wants a puppy

Today we were having lunch at the Crossroads (a food court on base with a small selection of fast food outlets), when a Military Working Dog escorted his Marine and a commissary employee to the bank with (what I assume) was a deposit. Coryn was entranced.

On the way out, however, she held the door open for me and then kept holding it. There was nobody nearby so I told her to come on.

"Someone's coming, Mommy," she said, very seriously. I looked and way across the food court, the dog and his team were on their way back. Seeing how much she really wanted a closer look I let her stay, telling her that this was a working dog, not a pet dog, and she could look but she couldn't pet him. She watched in awe as that dog went by and asked over and over again on the way home if she could have a puppy too. Maybe someday, Coryn.