Reads of the Week

We got five books at our last trip to the library (which you can read about in detail in my last entry). This is about an average trip for us. Coryn picked out one and I picked out the rest. We had some stellar picks this time (and some exceedingly average ones), but that's the fun of new books. Some you end up reading over and over again and others are once through and done.

Our undeniable favorite was Ladybug Girl by Jackie Davis. Coryn loves the main character, a little girl with a big imagination who is left with the task of entertaining herself and invents a superhero just for the occasion. The book is full of small adventures as she strives to prove, once and for all, that Ladybug Girl is NOT too little. The pictures are bright and pretty and Coryn asks to read it over and over again.

I Want To Do It Myself by Tony Ross was one of Coryn's favorites, but it sort of annoys me. The Little Princess (main character) decides she is going to go on a camping trip and do everything by herself. She, of course, ends up way over her head, but instead of letting her sink or swim and really do things on her own, her servants and parents facilitate a fantasy that she is doing it on her own by slipping things she forgot into her bags behind her back. I'm not into over parenting. I'm also not into dropping kids over their heads. Still, it is just silly to let a kid believe they are doing better than they really are, and the princess comes back from her camping trip so smug I just want to deflate her bubble. It really wouldn't have hurt to let the princess sleep without a comfy camp bed and miss out on a four course dinner just to let her see what doing things by herself really would be like. What makes it worse for me is Coryn doesn't really seem to get the joke that the princess isn't doing everything by herself after all.

Elephant Soup by Ingrid and Deiter Schubert, on the other hand, is completely awesome according to both Coryn and myself. A mouse has a very different, and somewhat impossible, recipe to improve on a bad day. The pictures are fun and the inevitable results of a pack of mice attempting to stew up an elephant are hilarious. It's a short story, but we often read it three or four times back to back.

Polar Bolero by Debi Gliori was one of Coryn's picks and the illustrations are beautiful so I can see why she picked it. The text is actually kind of boring, though, and we didn't end up reading it much. Also, I still can't figure out why the bears (apparently) live in a refrigerator. . .? The idea of dancing to sleep is sweet, though, and it was worth the two or three times we actually read it.

and finally

Clickety Clack by Robert and Amy Spence which I picked out simply because I liked the picture of the train on the front. It is a cute, pitter-patter rhyme about animals taking a train ride. Coryn didn't care for it too terribly much, though she did ask some good questions about the train (I got to tell her what a cow catcher was).

And those are our reads.