Sally and Daisy, a butterfly poem

The other day Coryn and I came up with a new game where I made her two butterflies out of colored pipe-cleaners (My cat loves these; they're the best possible cat toy and reasonably priced so I always keep a package around). She named her butterfly Sally and I named mine Daisy and they played hide-and-seek and ate flowers that I drew on paper for them to eat. I wrote this to tell about one of their many adventures.

Sally and Daisy are butterfly pals
A pair of adventurous, excitable gal.
They love flowers and flying and all sorts of fun
And they’re outside all day (as long as there’s sun).

Sally and Daisy flew down to the park
Intending to stay from dawn until dark.
They brought picnic lunches of flowers and honey.
The weather was just right: warm, fresh, and sunny.

They sat in the trees
And they danced with the bees
And flew loop-the-loops on the warm summer breeze.

Sally and Daisy, they needed a rest
So they settled down on the side of a nest
A nest with three eggs that were lovely sky blue
The butterflies sat back and admired the view.

You could hear those girls snore
For an hour or more.
It was a sound that was hard to ignore.

Sally and Daisy awoke with a snap.
From the nest came a noise that went rap-a-tap-tap.
Three little beaks poked out of three eggs.
Soon the little chicks stood, stretching their legs.

“Mama!” they did cheep.
They went peep, peep, peep.
Poor Daisy and Sally were in way too deep.

Sally and Daisy were flustered and scared.
For mothering chicks they were hardly prepared.
Then out of the sky a great flapping they heard
And onto the nest landed big mama bird.

Oh how the little butterflies shuddered
Afraid they’d be food to the little birds’ mother.
They held on tight, quickly hugging each other.

But Sally and Daisy had no reason to squirm,
For in Mama’s beak was a big, juicy worm.
She fed her babies with kisses and hugs
And warmly thanked the butterfly bugs.

“For watching my nest,
You are simply the best!”
Said Mama, putting their worries to rest.

Sally and Daisy said good-bye to their friends
And that I’m afraid is where this story ends,
For as much as these butterflies do love to roam
At the end of each day, they always head home.