Three More Awesome Books

I actually got five books from the library this week, but I'm only bothering to recommend three of them. Two have the rare distinction of being books Coryn actually asks to read again when we reach the last page, up to three or four times in the row in the case of the first,

Mucky Duck by Sally Grindley, illustrated by Neal Layton.
Mucky Duck lives in Oliver's back yard and plays lots of games with him, but whatever game they play Mucky Duck manages to make them both filthy. Mucky Duck gets herself (and Oliver) into all sorts of dirty predicaments as they garden and paint and play. Every example ends with the exclamation "Oh you Mucky Duck!" which Coryn loves to shout out herself. The pictures aren't my favorite (Pictures I feel I could draw annoy me as a general rule), but Coryn doesn't mind them, and the story is a real winner.

One Cold Night by Claire Ewart, on the other hand, has pictures I would frame. Coryn likes to re-read this too, though not as frequently as the mucky story. The simple, sparse text tells a story of how the Snow Woman tucks a country cabin in for the winter, scurrying all the wild animals into bed and dusting the world with frost. She meets some resistance from a stubborn black bear, is aided by misty "cloud coyotes," and finally sees the little girl and her cat inside the cabin sleeping soundly as the snow falls about them. I like the way the author chooses friendly but still mysterious looking personifications for the elements of Winter. I'd actually consider buying this one.

And finally we have

Walter the Baker by Eric Carle. This isn't my favorite Carle story but it is a good one and tells the story of how a baker invents the pretzel to get himself out of a difficult situation with an angry duke. Carle's pictures are as always the stars. There's a mischievous cat (which is always a plus) and lots of busy scenes. It does, however, sort of make me hungry for pretzels.

Well, it's time for another library trip soon. Can't wait to find more stories.