Did I mention I hate "The Backyardagains?"

On our last library trip, Coryn was in an unprecedented hurry. I guess this was because I had told her she could get a cartoon and she wanted to get home and watch it NOW. As soon as she had made her selection , she ran to the children's section, grabbed a generic farm animal board book off the shelf, and tried to herd me to the check out counter while I was still wincing over the prospects of having a Backyardigans DVD in my house for the rest of the week. Even in my hurry, I managed to grab a few of my own picks, two of which she'd read before and liked and two that involved animals so I thought they would be easy sells.

It turned out, however, that she was in a strange mood all week, and only one of the books received a fair amount of attention. She asked to read Dewey:There's a Cat in the Library every night, sometimes two or three times through and completely ignored my other choices.

We did read some of our personal collection. If she likes a book enough we buy it and she has two impressively full totes (in lieu of a traditional book shelf).

Dewey:There's a Cat in the Library by Vicki Myron had everything it needed to be a Coryn favorite, the surprise discovery of an animal. She squealed in response to the librarian finding a kitten in the book drop, kids, and just a cat in general. It's a simple, cute book about the antics of a kitty who tries to find his niche as a library cat. I am not surprised that she liked it. That she liked it so much took me a bit aback, but she certainly loved that book.

We also got Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey, which we only read once even though in the past it has been a favorite (and the reason 90% of her toys are named either "Sal" or "Sally."), The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (another re-read she didn't particularly want to re-read), and Swimming with Dolphins by Lambert Davis a pleasant but typical nature book with nice pictures that I picked because of the dolphins on the cover. There was also the author-less farm animal book which doesn't really deserve mentioning except in passing. The first two, however, are classics, and I'm kind of disappointed that they were so overshadowed by the great Dewey and his library life.