Not as much energy

My pregnancy symptoms are getting better. I'm now about 13 weeks along and while I'm still tired more than I like, I'm generally feeling well. Still, I haven't had energy for things I have to do let alone things I like to do (unless by things I like to do you count sleeping and watching television in a mindless daze). I haven't been blogging at all. I've had less of an urge to crochet (though I've been making Christmas stockings and still keeping up my work on my critter crafting, google or facebook search Critters for Coryn, we're also on Etsy), and I took Coryn to the library a couple times but didn't have any desire to type up reviews.

I did keep a list of the books, and I thought I'd type up the list at least, though maybe I'll find the words to describe them now that I've gotten started.

Coryn loved Wow! Ocean! by Robert Neubecker. I didn't care for it because of the lack of text, but the pictures were fun to pour over. Each page simply said "Wow! Dolphins!" or "Wow! Seashells!" below pictures with a wide variety of the described item. Good pictures, no story.

Similarly, Angels, Angels Everywhere by Tomie DePaola had very nice pictures and limited text, but Coryn really liked the pictures.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Phillip C. Stead was my favorite in this batch. It's the story of a hardworking zookeeper who takes a sick day and is assisted by his animal friends. It's a sweet story with appealing illustrations which we enjoyed reading.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is a constant favorite. Coryn is very involved with the story of how the young man tries to take a snowball home only to have it melt.

Bill and Pete by Tomie DePaola was a childhood favorite of mine. Coryn likes the story which involves an actual "bad guy" to root against and has the young crocodile hero learning his alphabet which she loves to shout along with him.

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere! by Bob Barner has cute pictures of penguins and some easy to assimilate scientific facts about them. That's all I can say for it one way or another.

Hunting the White Cow by Tres Seymour is a decent story about a girl who takes on an escaped, wild cow who no one can catch. It has good pictures and a likeable story.

Whose Mouse Are You? by Robert Kraus is one of my favorites. The little mouse starts out sad and alone and manages to bravely and cleverly solve his problems and ends the story surrounded by a loving family.

Blackout by John Rocco is a pleasingly illustrated book about a busy family, each involved with their own activities, forced out of their normal routine by an evening with the light's out.

Coryn liked Bug Safari by Bob Barner where a young boy follows a trail of ants and observes their interaction with the world and other insects. It's not a great story but as I said Coryn likes it. It's also sort of refreshing that they don't gloss over that bugs get eaten.

Butterflies for Kiri by Cathryn Falwell is a colorful, sweet story about a girl trying to learn to make origami butterflies. I like it because the girl has Coryn's issue where she gets frustrated if her art projects (or anything in Coryn's case, she gets frustrated and gives up fairly easily if things don't work out right away like she expects them to). There are also instructions to fold your own butterfly in the back of the book, but we never got around to it.

And those are our books.