Crochet Days

Yesterday I crocheted Coryn an extremely pink piggy. I did it without a pattern and I'm proud of it, mainly because it looks like a piggy. A lot of times when I invite a pattern it isn't immediately obvious what the heck it is supposed to be. You can see pictures of it here: Critters for Coryn.

I also made a giraffe using this pattern. It took about double the time it should've because I missed the part about "British" vs "American"crochet terms and worked it completely in double crochet which apparently was incorrect because British double crochet is American single crochet. I would've noticed if they'd called them something completely different but the "same words, different meanings" thing is confusing. Like Robert Mitchum's character says in The Grass is Greener the biggest barrier to mutual understanding between America and England is our use of a common language. That's a rather obscure classic; all star cast, though (Mitchum, Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, and Jean Simmons).

The giraffe has experimental stuffing. My usual stuffing material are dried beans and yarn pieces that are too short or tangly to be used for anything else. None of these seemed to be stiff enough to keep my giraffe's neck upstanding, so I cut up a used plastic shopping bag and used that. I loved how it turned out. Not only does my giraffe work but when you squeeze it it makes a neat crinkly noise. I love a successful experiment.

Oh and because I haven't mentioned kids books lately, Coryn's favorite read (at this current time) is Green Eggs and Ham. Can you blame her?