Free time?

K, Coryn is in bed. Now what. . .I used to know what to do with my free time. Now I always want it and when it comes I'm just assaulted by the 900 things I'm always saying that I would do if I had more time, and by the time I've decided, my free time is gone. Maybe I should make a jar where I can reach in and randomly draw an activity to do. . .Yeah, I'll put that jar together. In my free time.

So, crochet?
Copy more of the recipes I have on loose paper scraps into my new recipe book?
Do some stretching to relieve neck tension?
Read something?
Write something (technically, I'm writing something right now . . . hey! I must've made some sort of decision). . .

oh wait, eat something, I'm hungry.
No, I'm not, I'm thirsty and that is tricking my mind into thinking I'm hungry.
I should probably take my contacts out now. It's getting late. I wonder when Matt is going to want to go to bed tonight.

Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh BATMAN! (I've been wanting to say that all night)

Nothing on TV right now so at least I'm not wasting time doing that, though if I were I could also be crocheting at the same time. Wow, that would be awesome. . . I think a drink of water then stretching is going to win out. Yeah, definitely need to work my neck and back before bed or I'm not going to sleep to night.

Off to youtube to search for prenatal relaxation stretches. See you later!