Long days with Coryn

I'm honestly not a huge fan of weekends. My husband has a rotating schedule where he works from early morning to mid-afternoon one week and from early afternoon to nine or so at night . . . oh and he works Saturday and Sundays either way. So when other families are off doing stuff for their weekend it is just me and Coryn, fumbling around for something to do when our friends are off base or just at home with their husbands/fathers enjoying some rest. Church breaks up the monotony and is something for Coryn and me to look forward to.

This week, however, there was a music festival on base so a lot of our friends were out and about. The festival was a bust. There were slides and bouncy houses set up for the kids, but the people who had put it together for the base had chosen to charge $2.50 for a few minutes in a bouncy house, and it just made myself and the other mothers mad. Coryn had gotten pretty excited and she is used to seeing bouncy houses at parties (for free, the base housing office loans out very similar bouncy houses) and so when she saw them her instinct was to kick off her shoes and climb in. I bought her one turn just because she'd gotten so excited but I wasn't willing to pay the prices for more than that. We regrouped (myself and three other moms. . .and a dad) to discuss what we were going to do next and found that the base of one of the inflatable slides had a wide ledge made of bouncy house material. I'm not sure who started it, by the time I noticed three of the toddlers were already sitting/standing/bouncing on it. They did that for about 20 minutes (about $20 worth of bouncing at the current rate), having an excellent time. A few employees gave us the stink eye but nobody said anything, and we were all so ticked off at the whole place I think we would've liked an employee coming up to us so we could chew them out . . . though in all fairness most of the people working the festival were volunteers who probably had nothing to do with the price gouging, which sort of makes the fact that they were charging so much at a “community” event feel even worse.

After that a few of us wandered over to a playground and the kids played for awhile longer. At the end of the day I was exhausted, sweaty, and had blisters on my feet.

The next morning (Matt was on the afternoon to 9 or so schedule), I had planned to take Coryn to church. Coryn loves church. She loves playing with her friends there. We walk to church. We walk pretty much everywhere. You need a special license to drive in Japan as an American “guest” and I never got mine. Matt has his, but on Sundays he's normally either recovering from working late the night before or just plain working, so we don't depend on him for rides. What I do depend on him for is a couple of extra hours of sleep on the Sundays he is on this schedule. He tends to be up by 7:30 or so so I take advantage and sleep until nine while he's in charge of Coryn. Normally I wake up to find her dressed and with a belly full of breakfast and I still have an hour before we have to leave for church. This morning, however, I woke up to her still in her pajamas and a messy house. Still figuring we had time, I tried to prod her into getting ready quickly, but we were both in a slow mood. I changed my clothes more than once and fooled around in my closet looking for shoes that wouldn't irritate the blisters on my heels. It wasn't until five minutes before go time that I found out she hadn't had breakfast yet either. By the time she had finished her cereal it was just too late to get started.

I decided to be productive instead. In spite of the fact that we hadn't even been home the majority of the day before, the house was trashed. So I started in the living room only to have Coryn (desperate for attention, I suppose) beg me to help her clean her room instead. She really just wanted me to play with her. While I (extra active for one reason or another) went through her mixed up toy chest, sorting out things and throwing away broken toys (I also put together a large sack of things she doesn't play with any longer to take to the thrift store . . .boy, I'm parenthesis happy today.), she kept bringing me toys she wanted to play with or claiming she needed help for simple tasks she usually does by herself.

Then she found a toy dog and asked me if she could take him to church, and everything went to pieces.

She was brokenhearted that we were skipping church, that it was too late to go, and she cried and cried. She wanted to go to church. Had everybody left already and all her friends gone home? Why had we been too late for church? I was mad at myself for disappointing her, so after a few minutes I was crying too. Matt came to see what was up but didn't quite get it.

I'm not even sure how we picked up the pieces. I got her involved with cleaning again. We finished her room and I gave her a sponge to wipe down the walls. I was able to do every room except for the kitchen and the second bathroom. She's still mad at me about missing church today, though.