Poem about my husband

I have had the idea for this poem brewing in my head off and on for awhile, but I never can get the meter right. It isn't very elegant, but I finally scratched out a version that I feel comfortable sharing.

So many times my bed is empty
My heart so far away
When you call I'll hold on to the phone
Long after I've run out of words to say
Because on the other side,
That's where you stand;
Called away by duty
To a dry and dusty land.
Yes, loving a brave man
Is a blessing and a curse
But I think back before you loved me
And those empty days were worse.
To love and long
Is so much better than not at all
Which is why I thank the Lord each day
While you're off on duty's call;
Because I'd rather lie here wishing we were kissing
Than be a girl who doesn't know what she's missing.

The night I had our daughter
You were half a world away.
I would've given all I owned
To bring you back that day.
Clinging to your photograph,
I felt so ill-prepared,
Missing you so completely,
Feeling alone and scared.
It was two month's til you saw her,
All wrinkled, fat, and pink.
I couldn't help but worry.
I didn't know what you'd think,
But seeing you two together
Bound my heart up in one place,
The two of you together,
Finally face to face.

Sometimes at night I worry
That you'll go away again.
I watch headlines, hear rumors,
Pray, "Let him stay, amen."
'Cause you're brave and you're willing
But most of all, you're mine.
If they never called you away again,
Well, that would be just fine.
But I have faith in God,
And I know who you are.
You'll always be my man
If you're near or if you're far,
And even when I'm wishing we were kissing,
I'm glad I'm not a girl who doesn't know what she's missing.