Quick Read for Preteens . . .or Me.

I don't often have time for reading any more . . .or perhaps, more accurately, when I do have free time (Completely free time, where there isn't any extra cleaning to do or I simply don't have energy to do anything that doesn't involve sitting), reading is behind online browsing (and or game playing) and crocheting (generally while watching TV) on my priority list. Crocheting, especially, has been consuming me over the last year or so. A little under a year ago I started crocheting small toy mice, then snakes, then fish, then monkeys, etc. You can check them out on Facebook or Etsy by searching Critters for Coryn. I've made about $500 on these at craft fairs and from word of mouth sales. I also do stockings and scarves and various special orders.

Back on topic, if I get a chance to read it is either in pieces or something that I can polish off in an hour. I really like children's books so this isn't a huge problem but anything longer than two hundred pages (about what I can process in an hour if I concentrate) I read slowly, usually a few pages or a chapter at a time.

That's why I am recommending a short, incredibly simple book because I'd already read through the first chapter while Coryn was looking at picture books at the book store. Apparently it is from a series called "Dish" by Diane Muldrow. The first book is called Stirring it Up and involves a pair of 11-year-old twin girls who, sick of their dual income families consistent parade of take out, decide they want to cook, first dinner for their family, then at a cooking class, and finally in a club with other girls from class. It's a simple, non-problematic book that actually encourages girls to do something productive and help others. In the back are a few simple recipes to try and there are actually some helpful kitchen tips for aspiring chefs.

This book isn't going to "rock anyone's world" but it might be a nice summer read to channel kids away from television or computers and into the kitchen.

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