Conversation with Coryn

This morning Coryn stumbled into my room, tugged on my shoulder, and said in her unhappiest, soggiest voice, "I peed my pants. I want a bath!"

So into the bath she went. It had been a rough night for me. I'm at the tail end of a cold and had been too congested to really sleep well, plus I know I'd tossed and sneezed enough that Matt probably hadn't slept much either and he'd been complaining that he was coming down with the same cold (which for me started out with a monster all-day head ache. . .he said he had one too when he woke up). I didn't want to get up, but Matt wasn't getting up and he has to work tonight

After realizing that one of us had to get up and it most likely had to be me, I ended up sitting on her Dora the Explorer stool next to the tub trying to keep her quiet because the bathroom is right next to our bedroom. She was really talkative.

Coryn: I went to the park yesterday.
Me: Did you have a fun time?
Coryn: No, it wasn't fun. It was just so much happy. Ava was there and another little girl. . .and her brother. Then it got dark and we went to sleep. We can't sleep at the park because it might rain. Ava sleeps at the park.

Ava is a slightly younger girl she plays with sometimes at our park. . . and apparently Ava has achieved Coryn's goal of living in the park (I wonder if Ava's mommy knows?). Coryn has her own spot laid out in the park complete with an invisible pet cat named Bobby who eats fish she catches off a bridge connecting two of the play structures. She really wants to live there.

Me: I don't think Ava sleeps at the park. I think her mommy takes her inside.
Coryn: Oh. . . Mommy, you're talking to me? Why are you talking me?
Me: Because I like talking to you.
Coryn (smiling really big): Because you love me?
Me: Yes, I love you.

She then wanted her toys but it was nice to have a little chat with Coryn.