DIY Chocolate Milk and Fiber Treats

Coryn's big into "Do It Yourself" lately and one of her favorite things to do all by herself is to make chocolate milk. She'll even whine sometimes if I bring her already finished chocolate milk ("I wanted to do it!"). She'll get her "helping" stool, the milk, and a spoon and wait for me to get down a cup and the chocolate which are kept out of reach. Then she'll spoon some chocolate into the milk (which I insist on pouring on this point), stir it up, and Voila! Chocolate milk, an old family recipe.

Today while I was supervising this ritual, she indicated my "Metamucil" mix which I've started using to combat pregnancy digestive issues awhile back and said, "Mommy, that's your favorite chocolate milk."

I guess she's noticed I've been mixing it into various beverages three times a day, and her automatic assumption is that is yummy.

I'd like to call this leading by example, but more likely it is just another manifestation of forbidden fruit. No matter how many times I've told her that grown up vitamins and medicine aren't "candy" she still eyes me jealously if she catches me taking one.

In other news, her letter writing has taken off. She just wrote down "orlr" on a scrap of paper and asked me to read it. She listened to my attempt to sound it out, laughed, and told me I was silly.

"No, it says, 'I love you, Grandma,'" she corrected me.

We'll work on reading later.