Easy Chicken Dinner Disappointment

My husband is a lean protein devouring, 6'5'', work-out-daily giant. I seriously sometimes feel like I need to go to nutritionist school just to make his dinners. He goes through things like chicken breasts and brown rice at a rate that really makes me miss Costco.

I'd been taking advantage of this, once a week, though to manipulate him into making the majority of dinner. Once a week I'll thaw a bag of chicken breasts (and usually marinate them in something) and have them waiting for him when he gets home so he can barbecue them to take to work for the rest of the week. . .but since he's already got the grill going we might as well have bbq chicken for dinner tonight anyway. I'll make salad.

This week, however, he was always too tired and there were enough leftovers to take to work that he dismissed my awaiting chicken for two whole days (I had back up plans since you never know what mood Matt will be in and it really doesn't hurt chicken to sit in marinade for an extra night or two in the fridge), but this morning I woke up and found out he'd grilled the chicken before going to work. Who grills at 5am? Matt apparently.

So I can cross Matt-grilled-chicken off my weekly meal plan. For one thing, after eating it for lunch every day all week, he's not going to want it for dinner. Dang it.