Random stuff from the last few days

Coryn has my camera again. I'm interested to see how these pictures turn out. A moment ago she was taking pictures exclusively of her shoes. She's getting a toy camera (a vtech one that takes actual photos) for Christmas, but she doesn't know this yet. It's pink, so she should be into that.

It's a relief to be done shopping for Coryn. I'm holding up a stop sign for myself because last year I got done early and then found other stuff and ended up getting her much too much. This year, she's getting a little bit less, but I was very careful to pick out stuff I think she'll really like, like the camera. She'll be only a month away from having a brother or sister (we still don't know which) at this point. She's already interested in the baby paraphernalia I've started to collect. I bought a used play mat with a bunch of hanging toys over it and she's lying on it right now talking to the little jungle animals over her head.

Every time I bring home something new (or used) for the baby, Coryn has to inspect it to determine whether or not it has play value. Then the cat normally goes over to see if it has "nap value." I had to put a blanket over the car seat to prevent Kamikaze from shedding all over it. This poor baby is never going to have anything special just for itself.

Coryn can write her name now and knows what letters most words start with, or can figure it out. The other day she wrote her name almost perfectly on the bottom of her picture so I told her she'd done a good job and we'd show her Daddy when he got home. A little later I was messing with a pile of laundry that I had to fold but didn't want to and she laughed and said, "Mommy, that looks like a mountain. We should show Daddy when he gets home."

She's good at turning things I say to her back on me. For instance, I'm always complimenting how much she is growing and wrapping up clothes she is too big for to send back to her younger cousin back home, and the other day she saw me getting dressed and said, "Mommy, your underwear are tight. You've grown too big for them. You're getting so big!" Getting so big in my case is not such a great thing, though I suppose pregnancy is a good reason to be tubby.