Crafty Times

This time of year, I do a lot of crafting. . .mainly because it is starting to get cold and making something keeps Coryn away from the television when I don't want to brave the park. Also, I don't like throwing things away. Everything has so much potential, and I have a little bit of hoarder in me. . .for instance, I recently caught myself saving the paper wrappers my Stash tea bags come in because they were such pretty colors. . .I did actually use one or two of them for gift tags.

Coryn is also a collector. Our big craft lately has been using washable paint and glitter glue to decorate the pine cones she picks up on our walks around base. My idea is to make Christmas ornaments out of them. The picture doesn't do them justice, I promise.

We also don't send home a package unless we've decorated the box first. Generally this just means setting Coryn loose on it with markers or water colors. . .but the other night she was asleep, I had some free time, and I used her water colors to draw poinsettias all over a package I'm sending home to my grandparents.

Coryn likes to paint too. . .and to suck on her paint brush and turn her teeth weird colors.

Oh, and today I was trying to organize her craft supplies and found her crayon box wouldn't even close for all the loose crayons rolling around in it. So I fished out all the broken ones, unwrapped them, placed them in paper cups, and microwaved them. . .this took awhile. Crayons are really melt resistant. I was kind of surprised. It actually took longer to melt them than it did to freeze them back into a solid. I made Coryn four round, multi-colored crayons which she seems to enjoy. . .unfortunately in the wrong way. I had to confiscate one a bit ago because I caught her munching on it like a cookie. I guess it was my fault for making them cookie shaped. . .