How Lucky We Are . . .

Lately Coryn's favorite story has been Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr. Suess. It is a classic book. She likes the page about the man who sleeps a few blocks worth of twisty stairs away from his bathroom. She won't let me leave this page until she has traced the route from bedroom to bathroom with her finger. My personal favorite page goes, "And suppose that you lived in that forest in France where the average young person just hasn't a chance to escape from the perilous pants-eating-plants! But your pants are safe! You're a fortunate guy. And you ought to be shouting, "How lucky am I!"

Suess is always full of good old common sensical wisdom, and it is nice for kids to know that there are more important things to grumble about in the world. After all, no plants are eating their pants; they aren't watching that watcher watch watching that bee; and they have intact shadows. Also, this book is just a ton of fun. There is one rhyme devoted to a man who has a "Borfin" (a machine of unexplained and unimaginable purpose) that "shlumps." Coryn and I have to "shlump" whenever the "Borfin" does.

Last night I was reading it when a little parrot voice started finishing my sentence and reciting along word for word right behind me. I stopped and looked at her and she announced proudly, "See, Mom, I can read!" That's the first time she's ever done this with a book (though she will repeat important lines of dialog in certain stories, like "And someone has been sleeping in my bed. . ."), and she's had a rotating series of "favorite books" for the longest time. She's going to be four next month, and I'm really looking forward to trying to gently ease into reading. I'm not sure she's "ready" but I like to trot out the phonics every few months and test the waters. Attention span is the biggest problem, but reading is a gift I want to give her as soon as possible.

Oh, the other day I found Christmas tree ice cube trays. I'd seen a picture of "rainbow punch" which is just multi-colored ice cubes floating in a glass of 7-up or some other random clear soda, so I bought the tray and tried to make "green ice trees." It was a good idea, but the moment I put the green ice cubes into water they dyed it green . . .I tried again with chilled water. That lasted marginally longer before it again dissolved into green trees in green water. . . Matt says I'd have to freeze the trees into a larger clear ice cube. I haven't quite figured out what I would use to do this with. I'm not deterred, however, and will be trying again soon.