Critters for Coryn

I'm devoting this blog post to promoting my crochet business, found here on Facebook and here on Etsy. I like to brag that if you can imagine it, I can figure out a way to make it. Which is good, because I've had some strange requests. For a long time I was making animals. I started off with a mouse pattern I found online. Then I made some turtles and snakes and fish. . .and then people wanted dinosaurs. . .I have albums devoted too all my different critters on my Critters for Coryn Facebook page, but really, not mater what you want, hat or toy, I can probably come up with it. 

Recently I've been focusing on head bands because they don't take a lot of material to make and I'm separated from my yarn stash while our move progresses.

In the past people have requested hats to look like favorite cartoon characters. This one is Pikachu. 

Sometimes I just make a hat to please my own tastes. This is a beret that falls under that category.

Dinosaur hats are cool.

Other times I just make a hat because I happen to want to use up a specific color of yarn (black and white makes a panda). 

A lot of my patterns I make up as I go, like this money bag I'm using to hold spare change currently. 

Sometimes my ideas don't really work out. This is "supposed" to be a sheep. 

In Iwakuni I became the crochet lady and random people would message me asking for projects. I'm figuring it will be harder to drum up word of mouth business here, so I'm hoping to expand on my Etsy business. .  .so far I have only sold one special order on Etsy. There's a lot of competition out there for random crochet stuff. It's not really that hard. I think my main advantage is my flexibility. Like I said, I can make just about anything.