Clothing Woes

I know I'm hard on stuff, ridiculously hard on stuff. I've never had a kid gloves mentality in dealing with anything, except maybe my kids, and this has cost me a lot of material goods over the years. My parents used to wince at the way I put away dishes (Clank, clink, clunk) which hasn't really changed (except now it is my husband doing the wincing. . . he also takes issue with my dishwasher loading) and a lot of my plates and cups are slightly chipped around the edges.

I don't wear white. I just don't. It's pointless. The longest (in hours) I've ever successfully worn a white shirt can be counted on one hand, probably with fingers to spare. I have one shirt (gray, not white) that I call my cursed shirt. The last three or four times I've tried to wear it (I love this shirt; it has these feathery looking flower embellishments all around the collar), I've ended up putting it back in the laundry within an hour of putting it on because of yogurt or baby spit up or something. . .

I also don't like to use bleach. If I use bleach I regret it the next day. I managed to fix my bleach issues by saving one of the t-shirts I got bleach drops on which I now wear whenever I use bleach. It's a World of Warcraft shirt that I absolutely adored up until I destroyed it, and it now sits, faithfully waiting, next to the bleach bottle.

Here is me in my mage class shirt before the bleaching.

This is a pre-Claire picture (I can't believe I thought I needed to lose weight then. . .I'd pay a couple hundred dollars to slip back into that body now).

Today I found a hole in my brand new tank top. I got it from Old Navy about a week ago (online order).  I've worn it once. It has a lower v neck than I expected but I think it looks good layered, so I liked it anyway. Thankfully, I like things I can repair so I'm looking into fixing it. Here is a tutorial I found, pretty simple, probably could've figured it out myself, but googling something always makes me more confident that I'm not missing something in my methods. 

I like adding my own spin on things, even my clothes. I get exited when Coryn has a hole in an otherwise pristine piece of clothing, if the hole is small enough for me to fit an iron on over. I'm not sure that would work in this case so I'm just going to try and sew it up. Hopefully I can fix it. Wish me luck.