Crafting Success

I am not an expert home maker. I'm way too easily distracted. I hoard weird things. I don't like cleaning. I accept sub-standard cleaning because I am easily bored with cleaning and just want to be done. I actually like cluttered spaces; they seem fun and I can play a real life hidden object game. I'm not an expert home maker.
That said, anything I can do craftily or creatively, I embrace. I actually enjoy cooking. I would like decorating, but my husband claims my personal style is to dump a big basket of cats over everything call it good. He's not totally wrong. Cats is a legitimate decorating style, right?

So I'm constantly being distracted which is why you see me trying all these cool things. It isn't because I'm a super mom with lots of free time on my hands. It's just that I would so much rather be crocheting than cleaning. Here are some of the distractions that have preoccupied me lately:

Coryn wears the toes off of her shoes. It's annoying but she's rough enough on them and I buy cheap enough shoes that I just ignore it for the most part because chances are by the time she'll grow out of them and they'll be trashed enough that my picky sister who will reject hand me downs based on the smallest stains will not want them for her daughter who is next in the clothes  line bucket brigade (I think I just mixed a metaphor, didn't I?). This time, however, my mom got her a fairly nice pair of shoes and within an hour Coryn had rubbed the black part off of the toes revealing an ugly, gray-brown liner beneath. Then I found this pin on Pinterest. Apparently this woman's daughter does the exact same thing to all her shoes, so armed with this easy tutorial, I slipped off to Wal-Mart yesterday and purchased a bottle of mod podge and a sheet of craft felt (The tutorial isn't using felt, but felt is cheap and you can buy it in small portions. . .I don't sew so I almost never have scrap fabric around).

Here are the results of my experiment:

 I'm not sure how long this will actually hold up, but if you don't examine it too closely, you can't see that I kludged my daughter's shoes.

Next crafting goal was to find a way to store stuffed animals. In all fairness, the stuffed animal problem is completely my fault. Coryn will take a stuffed animal to bed from time to time, but she doesn't play with them all that much. I'm the one who is sentimentally chained to these plush little creatures. Some date back to my child hood. Those aren't going anywhere. Some were presents to her at a special time, the first teddy bear that I bought while I was still pregnant with her and took to the hospital when she was born. A teddy bear that came attached to a bouquet of flowers Matt sent me when we were dating. The blue dog that was her constant companion for about three months when she was three before, for some reason, she moved on to other toys. . . And some are just way too cute.

But they take up a lot of space considering how rarely she actually plays with them, so something had to be done. When I was little my mom had a wooden pole that hung from the ceiling by a hook covered with small metal hooks that would hook onto little rubber loops she'd sewn onto my animals. That was pretty clever. I also did a google and a pinterest search for stuffed animal storage. Pinterest had the best results (Google produced mostly commercial options and I didn't want to buy anything when I felt I could make something just as well.). Here is my board where I pinned what I felt were the best options.

This Pin is the option that finally won out, simply because it seemed so easy.

While at Wal-Mart for my Mod-Podge and felt, I purchased these three items: a spool of purple ribbon (the original pin used a rope, but this was pretty and cheap and I felt it would work just as well); a box of eye hooks (which ended up being a poor choice; I now suggest a stronger hook or maybe just a screw or nail); and some clothes pins.
For starters I measured enough ribbon to go from the ceiling to the floor then tied a hook to the top. Then, threading through the metal spring in the middle, I knotted a clothes pin every four inches or so. I quickly discovered the main problem with ribbon was that it tangled fairly easily. Not a reason to write off the ribbon, but just something to keep in mind. 

 I attached the hook to the top of the wall and started to pin on the plushies.

About halfway down the ribbon became too heavy for the hook to support and it popped out of the wall. My solution was to grab a screw, put the screw through the hook, then screw the screw into the wall like so:

Coryn got a hold of my camera at this point and snapped several photos of me. This is the only one that is every slightly flattering. One of them was just my butt. . .literally just my butt. It took up the entire picture. I need to go jogging.

 So here we are towards the end of the process.
 And here is Coryn.
The whole project took about an hour, would've been less if I'd been more careful about letting the ribbon tangle. What do you think?