Crochet Pattern: Mermaid

For me crocheting is very intuitive. I don't often work from patterns any more. I generally just look over things or imagine something my head and start to work on it until it feels right. Consequentially, a lot of my work is original, to the extent that I didn't copy it from another crafter. I have found, however, that if you can imagine it made, someone else has probably already made it. A quick google search will find it out there somewhere. As always, please check out my Etsy shop "Critters for Coryn" and Facebook page.

So I'm sure someone else has made a mermaid doll, but I swear I didn't copy this. It just sort of came to me when I was goofing around with my yarn supply and wanted to try something new. This is my first attempt at writing out one of my original patterns so if something confuses you or you think you see an error, let me know. I'm using American terms so if you learned on British patterns, the names of stitches are different. I believe an American single is a British double. . .or something like that. 

sc-single crochet
scd-single crochet decrease
2sc-two single crochets in the same stitch

You'll need three colors to work this
Color A, some sort of skin tone. Since a mermaid is a fantasy creature, this can really be whatever you want
Color B, fin and "bra" color, again, whatever you want.
Color C, hair color (could be the same as B if you want).

These are the three colors I chose to work with today. 

This mermaid is done in cotton yarn but since gauge is not important for this project, any workable yarn will suffice. 

You also need:
  1.  a crochet hook, I used a small one I bought in Japan so it doesn't have American sizing. Use a hook you are comfortable wielding.
  2. An embroidery needle for sewing on features.
  3. Scrap yarn for the embroidering the eyes and mouth
  4. Some form of stuffing material; I used yarn scraps. Use what you have around.
This is worked in a single continuous round, one piece except for the arms and hair. 

Start in Color A, Ch 2.
Round 1-six sc in second ch from hook.
R2-2sc in each stitch around, 12 total
R3-2sc, 1 sc around, 18 total
R4-6-1 sc around, 18 total

This is a good point to stop and embroider the face and attach the hair. The hair is pretty simple. 

Begin looping yarn around your fingers

Continue until you have a significant amount, enough to cover the doll's head.
Cut through the loops to form many individual threads.

Here's where you need the embroidery needle.

Mold the "hair" over the doll's head. 

Sew along the top of the doll's head as if you were making a "part" in her hair. Make sure every thread is held down by at least one stitch. Your stitches need to be tight or the hair will slip out from the stitches and fall off. 

This is about how it looks. You can choose to braid the hair, tie it back in a pony tail, or leave it loose.

Embroider the face. Isn't she pretty?

Continuing on:
R7-scd sc around-12 total
R8 scd around-6 total

This is a good point to stop and stuff the head. Continue stuffing the piece as you go.

R9-sc around-6 total
R10- 2sc around-12 total
R11-2sc sc around, 18.
If you are at all mathematically inclined, I'm hoping you've noticed that I'm increasing in multiples of six. Theoretically if you wanted to make a larger version of this project you would just have to keep increasing by six until you get to the desired size. As it is we are stopping at 18 around for the bust as we did with the head.
R12-sc around, 18 total.
Switch here to color B (Tail color) 
R13 and 14-sc around, 18 total in each round
Switch back to color A (Skin tone)
R15-scd sc around, 12
R16-sc around, 12
Switch back to color B which brings you to the point of my next photo. 

She's starting to take shape.

Now we are going to work the tail
R17-2sc sc around, 18 total
R18-2sc, sc, sc around, 24 total (this is the widest point of the project)

The body was worked in increments of six, either decreasing or increasing six per round to get the desired curves. The tail, however, I want to have slower decrease so that it is more conical than spherical. Therefore the decrease per round is going to be by three rather than six. So let's start decreasing!

R19 -scd, sc six times, repeat until the end of the round (twice), 21 total
R20-scd, sc five times, repeat twice, 18 total 
R21-scd, sc four times, repeat twice, 15 total
R22-scd, sc three times, repeat twice, 12 total
R23-scd, sc two times, repeat twice, 9 total
R24-scd, sc, repeat twice, 6 total
R25-scd three times, 3 total
Here is what your tail should look like after R25.

Now it is time to start on the fins.
Make three sc in the bottom stitch of the tail as seen below. Ch1 and turn

sc, 2sc, sc, 4 across the three sc from the first tail row, Ch 1 and turn
2sc, sc three times across, 5 total, ch 1 and turn
2 sc, sc four times across, 6 total, ch 1 and turn
sc across, 6 total, ch1 and turn
scd, sc four times across, 5 total, ch1 and turn
scd, sc three times across, 4 total, ch1 and turn
scd, sc twice across, 3 total, ch1 and turn
scd, sc once, 2 total, ch1 and turn
scd, ch1, 
That gets you to this point, see picture:

Now you need to slip stitch down the side of the fin as seen below to the first stitch and slip into the base of the tail. 

Work three stitches into the base of the tail next to the foundation for the first fin as shown below and repeat the instructions for fin one.

When the second fin is complete, slip down the side and fasten off, weaving in the tail of your yarn to hide it.

So now our little lady is almost complete. She's just missing her arms.

Work the arms in color A. Make two.
Ch 2
R1-sc 5 times in second chain from hook
R2-10-sc around, 5 stitches each round
Fasten off leaving a long tail.

Here she is again, waiting for her arms to be attached.

Using the long tail and your embroidery needle, sew the arms onto her body. 

And there you have it: your own home made mermaid!

Ready for undersea adventures!!!


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

    1. I hope you get a chance to try out the pattern. Let me know how it works out for you!

  2. Hi Heidilyn, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (, and I’m visiting from Crafty Spices WW.

    This little mermaid is so adorable! My dtr loves mermaids, and we can both do some very basic crocheting, but this is beyond our level. Still, I might just have to give her a try!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. If you’ve never visited yet, I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

    1. I hope you get a chance to try it. It really only uses a few simple stitches, so it should be master-able.

  3. Cute little mermaid.

  4. Hi!! Popping over from the Caturday blog hop!! Love the mermaid. I crocheted a Goldilocks and the Three Bears that looked very similar.


  5. wow, thats really really amazing. and adorable.

  6. That is so adorable! I wish I wasn't all thumbs!

    Also, stopping by from Crafty Spices Hop to check out and grab an email subscription to your blog. Your blog looks great!

    Thank you for visiting and grabbing an email subscription on mine as well.
    Have a great weekend! -gina


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