Crochet Video Part Two, Plus My Super-Villain Baby

Is anyone else excited about the new "Fact or Faked" up on Hulu right now? Anybody? Anybody at all. . .okay, just me then

I just put Claire down for a nap and Coryn's out digging up the front yard which should keep her busy for maybe twenty minutes, so I have some time to blog. . .speaking of naps, I wish I could find a term for giving a baby a nap that doesn't sound like I'm letting go of a beloved family pet.

"I just put Claire down."
"I just put Claire to sleep." Ooooh, bad. . . How about, "It's lights out time. . .mu ha ha ha!"

I'm pretty sure I'm raising a little super-villain though. This morning I was bouncing her up and down on my knee and she laughed, and I swear it was an evil laugh, not a crazy evil laugh, more of a sardonic chuckle, "Heh, heh, heh." But, as I mentioned in a previous blog, her father is a Sith lord so evil genius might run in the family. Not on my side. My side is the side of light and fluffy. I'm Catwoman's good twin, Kittengirl.

Coryn takes after me for the most part. Maybe Claire and her daddy will run some sort of "United Evil Alliance" later, though.

Oh, and the real reason I started this blog post: I've made some new crochet instruction videos, these on extreme beginner techniques: chain stitch and single crochet.
Here is Chain Stitch

And here is Single Crochet

I still need to work on my video skills. There are a lot of similar videos out there and nothing really sets mine apart which is why they are made with my friends in mind rather than random strangers. My only real advantage would be that I have baby hands which might appeal to some people.

I also crocheted another toy  monkey for sale on Etsy. 
Isn't he cute? I named him Marty for no particular reason.

So that's my recent creative endeavor.

I'd love to hear ideas for future crochet videos or blog posts. Currently my plans for a blog involve updates on my front porch, container garden (for better or worse, hopefully it doesn't share the same fate as my avocado pit experiment), my new chore list/cleaning plan, and updates on sarcastic things my husband says throughout the day (because he loves it when I talk about him online.).

I'll check back in soon.