Infant Sun Hat Crochet Pattern

Here is my little fashion model in her sun hat. I made this for her to keep her little head sheltered and thought I'd share the pattern with anyone who actually reads my blog.

I normally don't make suggestions for what sort of yarn to use, but since this is a sun hat, warmer yarns aren't advised. I made mine in cotton yarn. Color is your choice.

One skein of yarn should be enough to complete the pattern. I used a size H hook. The hat is worked in a single round, increasing evenly by six every row so to make it larger, just continue increasing until the hat reaches the desired size. If you are interested in purchasing my creations check out my Etsy shop!

Let's get started

SC=Single Crochet
2SC=Single Crochet Increase (two single crochets in the same space)
HDC=Half Double Crochet
SL=Slip Stitch

R1 Ch 2, 6sc in the second ch from the hook
R2 2SC in each stitch around (12)
R3 2SC 1SC, repeat five times (18)
R4 2SC, SC twice, repeat five times (24)
R5 2SC, SC three, repeat five times (30)
R6 2SC, SC x four, repeat five times (36)
R7 2SC, SC x five, repeat five times (42)
R8 2SC, SC x six, repeat five times (48)
R9 2SC, SC x seven, repeat five times (54)
R10 2SC, SC x eight, repeat five times (60)
R11 2SC, SC x nine, repeat five times (66)

Here it should look like a big, flat hexagon.

For the next step you need to work in the back loop only.

This is what back loop stitches look like. This causes a natural corner in the piece and adds more distinction between the crown and the sides of the hat. 

Work no increases into these rows. After a few rows following this technique your hat should start to develop a ribbed look.

The hat should be very breathable and perfect for summer weather. . .Now let's continue the pattern.

R12-21, SC in back loops only, 66 stitches each row

 At the end of row 21 you should have something that looks like this.
See the texture?

At the end of row 21, sl into the sc at the start of the round. Ch 2. 

Next step, shell edging,
In the first sc space (same as the sl), 3hdc

SC in the next sc space

In the next sc space, 4hdc
sc in the next sc space, repeat around the piece.

See where I'm going with this?

The brim should take shape quickly and have a slightly ruffled look. 

at the end of the row (if you counted your stitches right, it should end on a sc), sl again into the ch2 that started the row. Fasten off and weave the ends under securely. 

 Get that slip stitch in there, nice and tight.

And there you have it! The next part is optional, but I highly recommend attaching a floral accent of your choice. This is the pattern I like to use for my flowers, free on I describe how to complete this pattern in my first (poor quality) youtube video

Here is the hat without the flower.

Here is the hat with the flower. 

This is sized for a young baby, it fits my four-month-old perfectly. As I mentioned, to make a larger size, simply continue the crown, increasing by six per row, until you've reached the desired size then also add a few extra rows to the end. As always you can follow me on pinterest or Facebook

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