Crafty Organization

Coryn loves to craft. She told me as much just the other day. "Oh, Mommy, I love to craft with you." 
We use paints and brushes and googly eyes and confetti. . . and all kinds of stuff. When we moved it all got shoved into a plastic bin and brought along with us. This week, while I was emptying out spice containers into the glass jars of my spice rack and I thought, "These are awesome bottles. . ." 

I'm a bit of a hoarder. 

So I took them upstairs and filled them up, with confetti. . .

and googly eyes . . .

Then I stacked everything in the bin, wrapped a rubber band around the loose paintbrushes and VOILA! Organization!

Later I was looking for something to do with my Mod Podge, so I decided to make labels for my bottles.

I just used some paper and markers.

Here is the one for the confetti. 

I covered the bottle with the glue and used a paint brush to slick over the seam. 

My fingers got sticky.

Coryn helped me decorate the labels. She wrote "Dog" on one of them. She doesn't know how to write very many words and she's proud of the three or so she does know. 

We also made labels for the tops. 

Coryn put a flower on this one. 

Here's a smaller bottle for the powder puffs. 

So pretty. I love decorating in fun ways.