Crochet Pattern: Belt

I didn't think I'd have anything to post about for a few days, no projects planned worth talking about and the crochet pattern I'm working on is a from a free pattern off of the Lion Brand website, not an original of my own. I could give the link, but instead I'm going to plug my pinterest account as I have that and many more free patterns linked on there.
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Today, however, I had some TV to watch and I decided I would use the time to share a quick pattern from a belt I've made twice now, once for myself and today in child's size for Coryn. She picked out the colors.

I'm not going to give a stitch count because the sizing should be made to the individual. Two things to keep in mind, however, is that yarn is stretchy so you want to make it a little bit tight. I think it was about 100 stitches around for the adult size one I made, but depending on who is wearing it, just adjust to make it as long as you want. You can also add on rows to make it a wider belt. 

So start by making a chain a little shorter than the desired length of the belt, then count seven more stitches (these will double back to make the button loop). Slip stitch in the 14th chain from the hook. Start to single crochet down the chain.

Here is the loop and the first set of single crochets. 

Single Crochet until the end of the chain. In the last chain single crochet three times.

This will turn you so you can work on the bottom of the chain. 

Single crochet down the entire length of the chain along the bottom of the row you just did. 

When you reach the loop single crochet around it as well. 

There you go, and you are basically just going to keep going around until you reach your desired belt width. When you reach the "turn" the second time put two single crochet in the two end stitches. 

When you get to the end the third time you are going to do 2 sc in the three stitches at the end. Here we are going around again, so once again you are going to want to single crochet down the length of the belt and around the loop. 
This is where I chose to fasten off. You might want your belt larger than mine. If so just keep working around the belt adding an increase each time you go around the turn to keep it from curling up or doubling over on itself. 

Slip stitch here after going around the loop one last time. 

Carlton Kittenster is interested in my work. 

I made a small flower to use as a button. You could also use a real button if you happen to have a large one handy or crochet a shape of your choice. 

My flower pattern really quick:

Ch 5, join in a ring, chain five again, slip stitch into the ring, repeat four more times (five "petals.). Into the first chain five loop (sc, hdc, 3xdc, hdc, sc), repeat on the remaining four loops, fasten off. 

Sew the button onto the end opposite the loop. 

Here is Coryn (with Carlton), modeling the belt. 

It's pretty simple but I may have gone too simple in my explanation, so let me know if you have any questions.