Interval Training Mommy Style

Step One: after cleaning the kitchen and realizing the baby is still asleep, think, I may have time to exercise right now.
Step Two: Grab your daughter's step stool (if she's not using it as a table or to reach the candy stash) and step up and down, leading with the left foot 100 times then with the right foot 100 times. If the dog thinks this is a game and tries to bite your ankles off or pull the stool out from under you, consider it incentive.
Step Three: Hear baby. Get baby. Begin walking baby slowly around the house. Drink some water.
Step Four: Since you are already sweaty, and, if the baby doesn't need to be fed or changed at the moment, attempt to continue your workout with the baby in the play pen.
Step Five: Do 200 more steps on the step stool.
Step Six: Check on baby. Drink water.
Step Seven: If your sweet little bundle/time bomb hasn't gone off yet, launch into jumping jacks with the intention of doing 100.
Step Eight: At about 24 realize that your pelvic floor muscles still haven't completely recovered and take a bathroom break.
Step Nine: Baby wants attention. See if she'll accept the swing.
Step Ten: Try to do some weight lifting with your four pound sissy weights.
Step Eleven: Baby wants some attention. Try to do some weight lifting with your eighteen pound infant.
Step Twelve: Baby doesn't like this. Decide to give up and take a shower. Put the baby in the crib. Pretend you don't hear the baby's cries while you shower. If you are quick you might have time to put on make up as well.

The picture above is not one I did during this particular workout (which I am relaying more in humor than anything else), but I do it from time to time. Claire loves it. It feels like it is working. Only downside is Coryn wants to do it too and she weights a lot more than Claire.