Post Views and Failures

It's funny how I've gotten about this blog over the last few months. I started it a few years ago and while I intentionally made it public I didn't think I had anything extra special to talk about that would gain me any real traffic. In some ways it was just a way for me to share "extra long" Facebook status updates. Occasionally I'd post something I (personally) thought was really good or funny or even on very rare occasions profound/useful, and I'd think, "Gee, I wish there was a way to get more people to see this," but for the most part, I was throwing things out there into the void knowing that the only people who would care about what I was posting were my relatives who, for the most part, aren't into the internet enough to read blogs at all.

Then came pinterest Follow Me on Pinterest which changed my blogging in two ways:

  1. I started including more images to make my posts more "pinnable."
  2. I started pinning my stuff and occasionally getting repinned
My first pin to get any real hits was my bath salt Christmas craft and later, while it wasn't seriously repinned, I got a lot of views and several likes for Claire's (somewhat unconventional) birth story (let's just say it's an ambulance ride I'm never going to forget.). Still, things didn't really take off until I learned how to link to my stuff on other blogs. I try to do this subtly or join an official "linky" party as opposed to just making up an excuse to comment and link at the end of any random post, but since I started doing this, I've seen my page views go up steadily. 

Because of this, I now feel kind of responsible to post "relevant" and "interesting" material. I've noticed that, of my top ten most viewed posts, four of them are crochet patterns I've posted (three of those are in the top five, assuming that the page view stats on blogger are even slightly accurate). So now, instead of just crocheting whatever I feel like, a lot of times I'm consciously trying to come up with original patterns to share. This has led to me coming up with some interesting new patterns (my ballerina was made mainly to give me something new to post) and also to me pushing myself in new directions with my crocheting instead of just making turtles and monkeys over and over again. 

Of course, it doesn't always work out. Crocheting without a pattern can be hit or miss, especially if, like me, you are self taught. Today for instance,  I really wanted to make something new or exciting and hit upon Barbie clothes and it was just a disaster. 

This was supposed to be the bottom portion of a leotard/dancing outfit. Looks like a diaper.

Barbie normally wouldn't be caught dead in this but she recently had an encounter with a young German Shepherd which is limiting her options in the modeling world. 

This isn't working out at all. . .

Anyway, so if you are reading this, things often don't turn out the way I hoped and I'm honestly not even sure that those page views are real people rather than evil cyber spiders just climbing across the interwebs randomly inputting web addresses, but I'm still watching those page views creep up and I'm grateful for anyone who chooses to give me a few minutes of their web browsing time.