Quick Pattern: Barbie Skirt

I have been experimenting with a pattern for a diaper cover, but it still needs a little tweaking. The first one was too low on the butt and too tight around the legs and I ended up giving it to Coryn who put it on her teddy bear. While I was working on my second attempt this morning, Coryn asked me for a "ballerina skirt" for her Barbie doll so I whipped this up:

Rows 1-3 DC in the third chain from the hook, two double crochet in each chain around, Ch 3
Rows 4-5 DC in each stitch around
at this point you should have an open circle (if you lie it flat).

If you hold it up it will look "twisty."

Now it is time to sew it up. You can either slip stitch or fasten off leaving a long tail and use a yarn needle to sew up the open edge.

I chose to slip stitch. 

And here we have it finished up. Tie off the yarn securely, weave under the loose ends. 

From the back.

From the front.

Coryn now wants a ballerina shirt, but I haven't figured out that part yet, and I really want to concentrate on my diaper cover, so it might be awhile. 

But this is so crazy quick I just thought I'd take five minutes and share it. Hope you enjoy.