Things that make me happy: kitchen edition.

I'm always entering online contests from blogs that I follow and generally you get a certain amount of "entries" per action, 5 entries for posting a comment, 5 more for sharing on Facebook, and things like that. Generally one of the actions is to "tweet" about the give away, so a few weeks ago I broke down and created a twitter account. Today I finally went and filled out the profile, selected a picture, etc, and set my "handle" as "typativemamacat," which I felt was mostly original. I'm considering if I ever do buy a domain name, straying away from the Coryn's Cat Club handle. For one thing it can be read as Coryn Scat Club (this was pointed out to me recently) for another now I have Coryn AND Claire and I don't want to play favorites.

Anyway, if you do the twitter thing, go ahead and follow me. . . If anyone is actually reading this.

So the theme to this ramble is "things that make me happy: kitchen edition." Basically, I was making dinner and I spotted this scene

and it made me happy.
This is the windowsill above my kitchen sink and on it we have an eclectic collection of items that make me happy, from left to right:

  • a bird house I painted during a craft session with Coryn
  • a morning glory plant I'm growing in a mason jar 
  • some green onions I learned to grow indoors from this popular pin 
  • a decorated jar (similar to the one in this post) Coryn made for me and filled with pretty pebbles (a random gift she gave me last week)
  • and a bird house Coryn painted during the craft session where I made the first item on this list.
There are different reasons why these things make me happy. Three out of five make me happy because they were either a gift from Coryn or something we made together. The onions make me happy because I actually did something that I pinned on pinterest. There are plenty of pins that I pin knowing full well I'll never get around to them (mostly things that I pin to my "Cooking:Sweet" board; I love to eat desserts but I'm not great at baking). I get a certain feeling of extra special accomplishment when I actually put a pinterest plan into action, even if it is something as simple as putting some green onion roots in a glass of water on my window sill. The morning glory (which until recently was on my porch) is one of the more successful plants from my container garden and one of the few that didn't recently get transplanted into the lopsided little garden patch that I've criminally neglected (I water it. . . most days). 

Today for dinner we are having chicken curry, not traditional chicken curry, but this version I got from I love this recipe. This is the second time I have made it and it makes for great left overs. I do a little bit of tweaking, as always. I leave out the red peppers because they give Matt heartburn. He would prefer I leave out the chickpeas, but I like those, so I leave them in. I leave out the almonds because I always forget to buy them, and I use regular brown rice because it's what I generally have on hand. I need to find a vegetable that works as a substitute for the red peppers because I like incorporating vegetables into dishes like this. It makes it so I don't have to come up with a side dish instead. 

I need to write this recipe down in my book. So many recipes that I use come from the internet that I started copying the best into a composition note book. Unfortunately, it is a lot of work to hand write a recipe so eventually I'm going to have to move into a binder situation where I can print them out. 

I generally have my laptop on in the kitchen with a tv show in one window and a recipe I'm making in another. I'm a little bit too plugged in sometimes. This laptop follows me everywhere. 

Another thing that makes me happy is the pair of chopsticks in my silverware drawer. Coryn can eat with chopsticks like a pro and I love it when she uses them. I'm trying to get her to keep up the skill because there are so many skills that we take for granted kids will remember when they get older but that fade away with disuse. I guess that's why kids get assigned Summer reading.