The Big Step: My Own Domain Name

Well, I took the big leap today and purchased a domain name. As I'd mentioned in a previous blog involving my twitter account (which I'm still really not using other than occasionally to tweet pictures of lolcats), but as of now, this blog is officially I also set up a Facebook page with this name and I'm working on figuring out content for it.

The main points to my blog are a bit too diversified: Crocheting, crafting, parenting, Christianity, Geekery, and children's books. I have gotten most of my traffic from crochet patterns, but I still like to post items about my life and loves.

I'd love any feed back about what you'd like to see in this blog. The more people I know are reading and taking something away from this, the better I'll feel about the ten dollars I just sent off into the interwebs in order to fund this blog.