Bodycology Pinboard Contest and My Ideal Fragrance Line!!!

I found out today about a "Design Your Dream Fragrance" contest from Bodycology (pin here) and "stole" their image so I could give you the full details:

I love pinboard contests. I won a cookbook through one earlier this year, and since then, when I see one, I get excited! I try to go above and beyond, actually creating a board that I enjoy rather than just meets the requirements for the contest, and with this "Pinspire" contest, I got a little bit carried away.

My first thought was to write down a list of things that inspire me or make me happy or that are images I would like to associate with my bath and beauty products. I came up with: Kittens, Audrey Hepburn, and Fresh Paper. I admit I don't know exactly what a kitten inspired fragrance would smell like, but I like kittens, so I wanted them to be a part of it. . .

I started searching for pins in those categories and then I thought, you know, this would be cool if it had a geek theme. . .what about a fragrance about reading a good book. . .and so I came up with my first Geek Chic Fragrance. . .and before I knew it I had "designed" (dreamed up, imagined, thrown together) four different scent ideas which I wish so much were in production.

Here they are:

Reading the Hobbit:
This would be the smell of leather bound books and fresh paper with hints of black tea, everything a girl needs for her escape into Middle Earth.

Self-Rescuing Princess:
A princess is sweet and feminine so there is the obvious floral notes of rose and lavender, however, since she can handle herself we would throw in some zesty lemon.

Gamer Girl:
This fragrance would be based on the fuel a Gamer Girl needs to survive and would smell strongly of chocolate and coffee (I guess some Gamer Girls would smell of energy drinks and corn chips, but I think my idea is more appealing) but there would also be a kick of unexpected red pepper because Gamer Girls are hot.

On a Quest:
I think this might be my favorite because I want to go on a quest so badly! It would smell of pine forests and sandalwood with a hint of fresh, misty ocean air. 

I like this line slightly more than my other idea: New Mom, which would smell of baby powder and milk.