Coryn's Art

Like many other moms out there, I'm drowning in artwork that is too precious to throw away but too plentiful to reasonably keep. Coryn cranks out art work faster than Andy Warhol could've ever imagined and she expects every piece to be treated with reverence. The fridge is full. I put some of it in a plastic bin. That's about full. I send a little bit to grandma. If it is big enough we wrap presents with it. I've even glued some to the jars we use to store her art supplies, but it just keeps piling up.

So I decided to look into a technological solution.

My first instinct was to put it on my blog but since blogger is a free platform I ended up just starting another one. Here is the link, if you are curious.

I wasn't completely satisfied with that lay out so I decided to try Tumblr. That looks a little better (the images are somewhat larger), but I'm still not sure this is the platform I'll settle on. I'm open to suggestions.

Coryn is getting better and better at making recognizable forms. She's also getting the hang of her letters, and I'm always impressed when she writes her name on something (she's been doing it for awhile, but it still impresses me every time). I want to save every image she creates, but I know that simply isn't going to be possible. 


  1. I love that technology allows us to save our children's art like this!

    So neat to see another art-loving preschooler :)


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