Social Hour

So here I am, doing a social link up challenge I read about on another blog. Natasha in Oz challenged her readers to write a post detailing all the ways that they are social. . .and I thought, great, now I have to confess how much time I waste on Facebook every week.

When I started doing my crochet "business" awhile back, I, of course, set up an Etsy account (Critters for Coryn, some of the postings are detailed in this blog post.), but I also set up a Facebook account to share my work so that my non-crocheting friends wouldn't be constantly bombarded with photos of yarn. I swiftly found out that, while I wasn't very good at Etsy marketing, word on a small base travels quickly, and pretty soon I was using Critters for Coryn on Facebook to accept special orders and show off products that people would snatch up just on the strength of seeing the photos. That's one thing I really miss about not being in Iwakuni. I haven't really been able to network and I can't see stocking hats being a particular hot item in Florida. 

Recently, after the purchase of my domain name, I decided to set up a separate Facebook page devoted to my blog. All the other bloggers seemed to be doing it. You can find that here under Typative Mama Cat, but I haven't exactly excelled at making it a go to spot. It seems that everything I want to post ends up on my personal Facebook for my friends so basically, I'm just using the Mama Cat Facebook to link blog posts. 

Twitter isn't my thing either, but it seemed to be more and more necessary for networking so I joined, again with the Typativemamacat handle.

Pinterest I use and use well. 

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I've blogged about it before (in this post) .

So, those are my social links.

Poofy Cheeks