What's inside my Etsy shop?

I don't mention my Etsy shop every post, but every so often I like to plug it so here it is: Critters for Coryn in all its glory.

What can you buy through Critters for Coryn?

This magnificent hat

 but if you'd rather just make it than you can follow the pattern here in this post.

You can also get a Rocktopus!
This design is original, but I haven't written the pattern down (it's in my little head. . .). If you'd like to see a pattern for my rocktopus, comment on this blog post. 

Another original but unwritten pattern. I'm not exactly sure how to describe the dorsal fin process. It's kind of unusual. 

Todd the Turtle will not be left out of this discussion. 

I have a few more postings up, but I'm curious, of all the things you've seen posted (here or maybe on the Critters for Coryn Facebook page), is there anything you'd like to see or would be tempted to buy if I posted it to Etsy? Let me know. 


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