Getting Around the Web and the World

Carlton makes such an adorable mascot, doesn't he? As I type he is sitting on my lap wondering, I think, why I'm not petting him. There are two reasons why I'm not petting you, Carlton. The first is because I'm typing. The second is because you keep stealing my yogurt. I'm on a Michael Westen diet. Eat yogurt and you become ridiculously fit and completely bomb and bullet proof (Burn Notice reference there. Burn Notice rocks. . .).

Anyway, so I'm still trying to learn my way around Pensacola. Have I ever mentioned that I hate driving? I think it should've come up but I can't recall a specific instance where I've actually sat down and typed it out. Well, anyway, it's true. I used to endure a relatively short drive to work thinking how much I wished I could just say, "Beam me up, Scotty," and get there. I still want that so much. Teleportation, scientists. Get to work on that.
I'm also an easily distracted driver. I claim that I'm actually a pretty good snow driver (my husband doubts me, but I know how to turn into a slide and where black ice is most likely to be encountered) but seeing as we are now living on the Florida Pan Handle, I doubt my ability to drive in icy conditions will come in handy. I'm also a native Oregonian which means I didn't learn how to pump my own gas until I was 22 and I still dislike/dread doing so (for non-Oregonians, we are one of, I believe, two states where pumping your own gas is illegal. You have to have an attendant pump it for you.). I'm overly cautious at intersections. I panic easily, and while I've only ever gotten one ticket, I used to be frequently pulled over by cops who, I'm assuming, just wanted to check in on me for being erratic. 

"Do you know why we pulled you over, ma'am?"
"For reinforcing stereo-types about female drivers?"

I used to like bumper stickers, but I realized awhile ago that any political, religious, or even cultural group I would want to support would not wish to be associated with my driving. In fact, I am thinking about putting on an Obama sticker and then continuing to keep other drivers waiting while I still trembling at the exit to the Wal-Mart parking lot, terrified to cross the extra lanes and knowing that some dude in a pick-up truck is staring with hate-filled eyes at my bumper. . .and that's the closest thing you'll see to a political endorsement on this blog any time in the near future. 

So the point to all this is going anywhere, especially anywhere new, is always stressful for me. Recently I've been a little bolder, but I'm always arguing with my GPS (69th is NOT a through street, GPS. Stop trying to run me into a house!). Still, I want to get out and meet people and do things, and Matt can be a major stick in the mud, so I'm learning my area.

I'm also learning the ins and outs of the interwebs. Just last night I finally tackled a major project and successfully made and placed a share button onto my blog. Now you can grab it and put it on your blog and we can link back and forth. Happy days!

I do have some updates on my Customer Service Issues with Gymboree detailed in this post. I'm on my third email with them (they asked for a phone number, but on the cheap plan I have I'm pretty sure even incoming calls count against my minutes, plus I'm a heck of a lot more eloquent online than I'll ever be on the phone. I find phone conversations awkward about 75% of the time) and am now dealing with a "dm" (which I'm guessing stands for District Manager) who has apologized and asked for details so she can take it up with the employees at the shop who were at work at the time. She has also offered to send me the item that my coupon was for at no additional cost which is a plus. I'm still not sure I will go back to that particular store because the thought of running into that employee again, especially if there is a chance she is going to get reprimanded and have some memory of me, would be more awkward than a phone conversation, but it does improve my opinion of the company in general.